Volunteering is a fun, exciting way to learn the ropes and experience firsthand the world of events. 

Whether you are a parent, student, work experience person, retired and looking for something to do, or even just a keen sports fan – volunteering is a great way to engage with the community and get to know people within the sport.

Make the experience even more memorable by getting your friends, youth group and/or family to join in!

As a gesture of thanks, we will help you fundraise for a school, sporting group, community group or charity – for excursions, sporting events, equipment, programs and anything else that needs a financial boost.

An important part of Elite Energy’s vision and strategy, is to be a respected and supportive organisation that is passionate about involving the local community in each of their events.

Over the years, we’ve been inspired to see the difference we can make through helping local schools, organisations and charities with our fundraising initiative and associated partnerships and in just the last twelve months has donated over $100,000 back into the community.

Are you an athlete? Make your hobby more affordable, volunteer in return for discounted race entries (and see your friends on-course!)

We draw thousands of people to each of our events and they love all the support from volunteers.

Volunteers are the reason we get to do what we do – without them, there would be no us!

What’s on offer?

  • Many different roles to choose from – from registering the athletes in their races, to helping them go the right way on their run and bike courses, all the way through to providing them with food and water, post event. There is a role for everyone!
  • Register as a family, sports club, charity or school
  • Snacks (lunch if applicable) and water provided on the day. 
  • The chance to meet new people, create new opportunities and build lifelong experiences.
  • The opportunity to meet some truly inspiring people!!!!
  • Supporting local and interstate athletes of all levels.
  • Be a part of an amazing event.